Protect your most valuable belongings with a secure, state-of-the-art safe deposit box through South Central Bank. Safe Deposit Boxes are available through the South Central Safe Deposit Company, an incorporated subsidiary of South Central Bank, N.A. Boxes are available at our Main Office and the Chinatown Branch only. You can check each branch page for hours and location.

Safe Deposit Boxes are only available to deposit customers of South Central Bank, N.A. and rental amounts must be auto debited from a SCB checking or savings account. Charges must be made on a annual basis.


2" x 5":            $3/mo; $36/yr

3" x 5":            $4/mo; $48/yr

3" x 10":           $5/mo; $60/yr

5" x 5":            $6/mo; $72/yr

2.75" x 10":     $8/mo; $96/yr

5" x 10.5":       $10/mo; $120/yr

10" x 10":        $16/mo; $192/yr

Contents of the safe deposit box are not insured by FDIC. Your contract/agreement is an obligation of South Central Safe Deposit Corporation, and NOT South Central Bank, N.A. We recommend that any valuables stored in a Safe Deposit Box be insured by the lessee of the box with their own personal casualty insurance.  You will receive two safe deposit keys, both should be kept in a save place, and not duplicated. The bank does not have a copy of those keys, and will have to drill the box if both keys are lost. There is a $75.00 deposit required at Opening to cover Keys and Drilling Fee to replace lock if necessary.

Remember, boxes are available at our Main Office and the Chinatown Branch only. Visit a branch today to obtain your safe deposit box.