Use South Central Bank’s FREE app for iPhone and Android smart phones. Enjoy the convenience of managing your bank account wherever you are, at home, office, shopping, at play, or traveling. It works locally, and when you are far away.


Convenience and Security Benefits:

  • Account Balances and Recent Transactions: View bank balances and recent transactions at any time, and any place.
  • Transfers: Transfer between any accounts, savings and money market accounts, checking at any time, and any place.
  • Deposit Remote Capture: The most convenient way to deposit individual checks. No need to use a deposit ticket, bank by mail or visit a bank branch or ATM. Image your deposit item at any time, and any place. Your deposit is recorded that same business day in your account.
  • Debit Card On/Off: You immediately control usage of your Debit MasterCard, using an “On/Off” switch. If, perhaps traveling, you need to shut off your debit card you can later activate the debit card immediately. A great security feature, to avoid the possibility of fraud.
  • Communications to the bank: You can click directly on a customer service phone number which will be answered immediately during bank business days.