We provide the means for our commercial customers to do more business internationally. Using South Central’s International Payments system is now easier than ever.


  • Why: Using foreign exchange means better terms with suppliers and customers.
  • How: Call a foreign exchange coordinator 312-491-7139 (Ivy Huang) or 312-491-7143 (Karen Garcia) to get funds priced immediately at the best market prices. We are online throughout the business day to get you a firm quotation with any common foreign currency.
  • When: Foreign currency wires are available immediately during regular weekday banking hours. Foreign currency drafts are available by overnight delivery.
  • Confirm Payment: On outgoing international wires we can set up a firm confirmation response to assure you that the recipient received payment.


South Central Bank, National Association is a member of the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT) for secure interbank financial message services.

With SWIFT, it’s faster and easier to use our cost effective international wire transfers. Here’s how:

For incoming international wires in U.S. dollars, simply provide your overseas customer with the following three (3) lines:

1. BIC SWIFT Code for our bank: SCENUS44

2. Business or other Name of the account

3. South Central Bank account number

For outgoing international wires in U.S. dollars or any common foreign currency call:

  • Ivy Huang: 312-491-7139
  • Karen Garcia: 312-491-7143

We will need the name of the company or person receiving the wire, their account number, the name of their bank, address of the bank branch, and that bank’s SWIFT code or BIC code.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us or stop at a location near you.