You benefit from South Central Bank’s leadership in Remote Deposit systems for small businesses. In 2005, we introduced free deposit scanners and deposit software for our business customers. Today, over 80% of our business deposit checks are scanned in customer’s offices, credited immediately to their accounts. Most business customers qualify for a scanner, and we install the software at your office.

I-CaptureSM improves your cash flow. Whenever you have one check (rather than waiting for tomorrow’s deposit) or many important checks, your deposit can be made conveniently and quickly. Cut trips to the bank. Eliminate deposit tickets, as all your items are listed and tallied.

I-CaptureSM software includes two features: a scanning process to copy the check, and a character recognition process to read amounts. Character recognition is not always perfect, as with hand written checks, but the vast majority of checks are read, and it is easy to correct missing amounts before transmitting your deposit.

Save time, save money, and increase speed and accuracy of processing your checks. We verify receipt of your Remote Deposits, sending you email confirmations immediately. South Central Bank is the most experienced bank in Remote Deposit capture!

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