Manny’s Coffee Shop & Deli Celebrates 75th Anniversary

Whether it’s the good food, family atmosphere, or possibility of a celebrity sighting, there are plenty of reasons to visit Manny’s Coffee Shop & Deli.

Manny’s Coffee Shop & Deli is the place to eat, see and be seen.

Everyone from average working people to celebrities and politicians like Steve Harvey and Barack Obama come to Manny’s at 1141 S. Jefferson for their home cooked food with ample portions. 

“Our patrons include everyone from 
attorneys and judges to cab drivers and tourists,” said fourth generation owner Dan Raskin. “We have quality food in generous portions. So everyone knows you’re going to get really high quality but not like a stuffy fancy place.”

Not much has changed since the restaurant opened shortly after World War II. Family ownership, recipes and employees have stayed constant over time. Some employees have worked for 30-35 years. Many patrons have eaten at the restaurant for generations, Raskin said.

The restaurant began with brothers Jack and Charlie Raskin, who had worked in the restaurant business. 

Four generations later, it’s still going strong with locations in the South Loop, Midway Airport, and McCormickPlace. 
There is a new carryout deli now at the South Loop location.

“You lose a lot of control and the family atmosphere when you’re not here running it,” Raskin said. “We feel that nobody cares about your business more than yourself...We have a lot of pride in continuing on with the same traditions and recipes.”

Back when the restaurant opened its South Loop location in the mid ’60s, 
financing from South Central Bank helped to build up the space, Raskin said. 

The family continued to bank with South Central, because—like Manny’s—the bank has been a bank they could count on, making it easier to form relationships with people who serve them.

“When we need something, they can help you because they really know who you are. There’s a relationship above the average bank,” Raskin said.