Maloney, Cunningham & DeVic Supplies Wholesale Goods with a Personal Touch

Despite the ever changing food-distribution industry, Maloney, Cunningham & DeVic is still going strong, bringing businesses a century’s worth of food expertise.

Art DeVic partnered with his brother-in-law Jim Maloney and their bookkeeper Ed Cunningham to form the company that has provided wholesale butter, eggs, cheese, canned-goods and other food items to delis, bakeries, grocery stores and more throughout the Chicagoland area since 1915.

The secret to success, says the company’s executive vice president and Art DeVic’s great-granddaughter, Melissa Otte, is sticking to what the company knows, and doing it well.

“A lot of our customers don’t know exactly what they’re going to order,” Otte said. “Being able to talk with our customers, [we] get to know their needs and help them meet those needs has led to our success over the years.”

Another part of the company's success has been its established roots in the Fulton-Randolph area. Depending on neighboring business makes the delivery of merchandise easier. 

After finishing her studies at the University of Dayton in Ohio, Otte joined the company in January 1996 to help her father out when her grandmother became sick. Though her grandmother’s health improved, Otte continued to work in the family business, making January 2016 her 20-year anniversary.

“I’m quite proud of what we’ve accomplished and what we do,” Otte said. “We help small operators and other small businesses stay around and help each other out. I think that’s probably been a secondary key to our successes, the community that we’re in.”
Maloney, Cunningham & DeVic has banked with South Central Bank for decades. The nearby Morgan Street branch has helped with safely transporting funds, and—as other banks become less personal—the company continues to bank with South Central because of their personal relationship.

Because South Central is a family business, the company has felt a kinship with the bank, Otte said, adding that she can talk with representatives anytime she needs to resolve an issue. 

"We're trusting them with our money," Otte said. "It's nice to know who we're giving that faith and trust to. We know that it's real people."

Using I-Capture, South Central’s remote capture system for making deposits, has helped the company access its funds a day earlier and keep track of customer transactions.
“Having our funds available and knowing that our customers’ checks are clearing has been a huge advantage,” Otte said.