The Family Legacy Continues at Brusic Rose

The Brusic family has delighted interior designers and affluent clients with its superior quality, hand-crafted furniture for nearly a century.

When Karen Brusic Simms, owner of Brusic Rose Inc., took the helm of the family furniture company in 1984, she thought she’d only help her father with the business for a year or two. But here she is 32 years later, and the company is having one of its best years yet.

“The market is on fire right now,” Karen said. “The economy is moving again, and we’re seeing growth in every market.”

What started in 1922 as primarily a furniture refinishing and reupholster company has since evolved into a high-end upholstery company, manufacturing fine furniture for interior design, affluent and celebrity clientele. In fact, the cream-colored sectional that media mogul Oprah Winfrey and her guests sat on during her talk show was a Brusic Rose couch.

The company manufactures furniture collections for other brands as well as its own, but you won’t find their products in the typical retail store. Brusic Rose’s furniture is sold through design centers, enabling the company to sell directly to designers entrusted with furnishing luxury homes. Interior designers love seeing their pieces in process from start to finish, Karen said.

“You’ll find good upholstery companies. You’ll find good case manufacturers [and] good wood finishers. But when you combine both in one product it becomes a very, very special item,” Karen explains. “When designers come in here and they see how involved we are in the product, it takes stress off their shoulders.”

Karen and her brother, Ed Brusic, are the third generation in the business. As a child, Karen worked with her father in the shop on Saturdays for $5 per 10-hour day. Looking back, she says she’s grateful for her father’s teaching.

“One thing I’m very grateful for is that my father taught us the meaning of hard work. Put your hands in something and get them dirty, physical labor,” Karen said. “He worked six or seven days a week to support his family. My father didn’t make a ton of money, but he was able to take care of his four kids and his wife.”

Back when the company was based in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood, Karen began banking with South Central, because she sought a smaller bank in the area. Thanks to her father instilling the importance of forming long-term relationships, the company has come to South Central Bank for their needs ever since.

“We’ve done some financing for new machinery with them, financed a building improvement loan,” Karen said. “They’ve been really good to us over the years.”

SBA Loans

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