J.K. Manufacturing: One-Stop machine shop focuses on precision and service

The company that Mark Koniecko’s dad started in their garage has since expanded into a more than a 70,000-square-foot facility to make top-of-the-line aluminum, plastics and steel manufacturing equipment.

Mark Koniecko tells a classic entrepreneurial story. “My dad started the business back in 1974, working out of the garage,” said the president of J.K. Manufacturing.

Known as “a one-stop machine shop,” J.K. Manufacturing specializes in roller fabrication, machining, and emergency work to keep manufacturing operations up and running.  The business has long outgrown the garage, both in space and in the types of machining projects the company does today. Now, the facilities are situated on 3 acres in the southwest Chicago suburbs near Midway Airport, and include 77,000 square feet of buildings. The increase in building size and accessibility allows J.K. Manufacturing to provide unique services for major manufacturers and steel mills.

Furnace rolls, for instance, are designed and built to be used inside large furnaces used in manufacturing plants and steel mills. Machined from specially cast and sometimes coated stainless steel, these rolls withstand heat greater than 800 degrees for years at a time. They may be 1 to 5 feet in diameter and up to 16 feet long, about as long as a Ford Mustang or Chevy Camaro.

Moving rollers of that size requires large cranes and lifts throughout the plant, with a lifting capacity of 60 tons. It takes specialty machining equipment as well to work in materials ranging from easy machining carbon steels, stainless steels to hard machining tool steels, and with nonferrous materials like aluminum and plastics. The company uses its own specially modified trucks for emergency repairs.

At just 5 years old, Koniecko joined his dad in their garage, learning about the business from the start. South Central Bank has been there since the beginning, as well, providing capital required for the company’s growth.

According to Koniecko, the partnership between his family’s business and the bank just made sense. Both J.K. Manufacturing and South Central Bank work to provide their clients and customers with quality products and services. Each strives to ensure superb customer interaction.

“It’s a local, community bank and we’re a local machine shop,” Koniecko said. “If I need anything taken care of, I can call somebody and actually talk to a person.”

It’s this personal interaction and constant satisfaction that has Koniecko continuously recommending South Central Bank to family and friends.

“When you need to talk, you talk to a person, not a machine,” he said. “The best way to describe South Central Bank is a small bank with big features.”

Commercial Line of Credit

As the economy continues its slow rebound, the credit markets have been opening up for larger corporations. Research shows, however, that small to mid-sized companies are still feeling the burdens of the credit crunch.

As stated in a 2014 Harvard Business Review article on small business lending, “Small business lending continues to fall, while large business lending rises. In an absolute sense, small business loans on the balance sheets of banks are down about 20 percent since the financial crisis, while loans to larger businesses have risen by about 4 percent over the same period.”

At South Central Bank, we are committed to filling that void as we remain bullish on small and mid-sized companies—the backbone of American commerce.  We have been the financing source for small and mid-sized business for 50 years, and we are not backing down. 

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