Chicago Matress Company: Saving the Environment While Getting a good night's sleep

From left: Jerry and Andy Shifrin, father and son owners of Chicago Mattress Company

The father & son team behind the Chicago Mattress Company has been at the cutting edge of mattress renovation for nearly two decades, turning an idea and a small investment into a booming bedding business.

When Andy Shifrin graduated from Colorado State University, he knew he wanted to work with his father, Jerry, carrying on the family upholstery fabric business. The company sourced vinyl overruns and leftovers from mills in Wisconsin and Mississippi and sold them to small furniture upholsterers in Chicagoland.

But soon, Andy realized he could use the same idea of recycling products to reach a brand new market—mattress remanufacturing.

Andy and Jerry began contacting local manufacturers, learning that sourcing used bedding materials was often a problem. By applying the same principles they had in the upholstery business and continuing to focus on outstanding customer service, the Shifrins could provide mattress remanufacturers with quality product while lessening waste in landfills.

So with $1,500 and an idea, the Chicago Mattress Company was born.

Today, Chicago Mattress Company is the nation’s largest and most innovative mattress renovator.

Since 1996, Chicago Mattress Company has provided a substantially better sleep surface to customers in 15 states, with a 5-year, 100% warranty.

“We filled a need. Our innovations have allowed us to provide better value,” Andy said.

Providing better value has allowed Chicago Mattress Company to continuously grow, and South Central Bank has been a trusted and important partner with them for the last 19 years.

“Our relationship with South Central is iron-clad. They trust us and we trust them. It’s personal,” Andy said. “They recognize me. They work with us, both with our people and with the numbers. They really do go the extra mile.”

For Andy, the family atmosphere is among the greatest benefits of working with South Central Bank.

“They believed in me and I felt that,” he said. “And, I like it that they’re a father and son business like we are.”

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