Welcome to South Central Bank. 

Our Bank really is about you.

Whether you are a business looking for state-of-the-art products like remote capture, positive pay, or sweep accounts, or an individual seeking ease and convenience with mobile banking and surcharge free ATM’s, South Central Bank is a better choice.

The reason that we are a better choice is really simple. Today, whether you buy an airplane ticket, discuss your telephone charges, your utility bill, or your credit card bill you are talking to a stranger you can never talk to again. They may be in an overseas call center. At most banks you are unlikely to know anyone with discretionary authority. When it comes to important issues like your money, we think most people would rather know bankers, talk to an expert, and have a real two-way conversation of value.

If you are looking for a mortgage you can apply through our website, or provide some information, and we will help to finish the application with you. Need a home improvement loan? Apply with a ten minute application, and get immediate approval, 24/7.

Want additional FDIC insurance, we can provide millions through our CDRS (Certificates of Deposit) and ICS (Money market account) networks, and still have all funds on one statement at our bank. Want Personal Financial Planning, Retirement Planning, non-bank financial services, or Casualty and Life Insurance? Just ask and our own staff will provide answers.

No matter what financial services you need, contact us. We have convenient locations and hours, but we can also arrange personal banking services at some distance from our offices. If you are in the neighborhood, come in, have a cup of Seattle’s Best coffee, and visit with a banker. You’ll find out how nice it is to have a bank that’s truly all your own.

I hope to see you soon. Call direct at 312-491-7116, or mgrayson@banksouthcentral.com.

Marc B. Grayson

South Central Bank, National Association