Phishing is a technique used in an attempt to steal your personal information thorough an email or smart-phone text. The criminal sends you a legitimate-looking email or text stating they are from a trusted person or business, such as your bank. These emails or texts refer you to a web site asking you to "verify" personal information such as your account number and password or social security number. South Central Bank will never send you an email or text asking for your personal information.

Debit Card Skimming involves attaching devices to ATMs or other money machines that read the information on your debit card when you swipe them. When combined with a nearby concealed camera to record your personal identification number (PIN), the thieves can get everything they need to drain your account. In addition to using the information directly, thieves may sell your information to others. Protect yourself by reducing your risk at ATMs by using machines from institutions you know and trust. If you notice a change at an ATM you use regularly, such as a color difference in the card reader or gap where something appears to be glued onto the slot where you insert your card, that's a warning sign to find another machine.

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The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has released a video that consumers can use to learn how to better protect their computers and themselves from identity thieves. The presentation also features actions consumers can take if their personal information has been compromised. Learn more by visiting




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